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The Kverneland Group headquarters and the production site dedicated to the manufacturing of Kverneland ploughs are located in Klepp (South West Norway, near Stavanger). This is the exact place where Ole Gabriel Kverneland founded his smithy business in 1879.

Brought up on a farm and educated in agriculture he subsequently understood all the machinery requirements of farmers. He strongly believed in innovation and realized that a mouldboard plough must be able to withstand the very tough stony soil conditions of Norway. Over the years, he together with his team, developed special steel heat treatment processes to allow his ploughs to work in the toughest of soil. By inventing in closed cooperation with steel producers new steels of unique strength for the plough, Kverneland succeeds in manufacturing robust ploughs thus gaining a strong reputation for quality.

Today, more than 100 machines are dedicated to the hardening of the unique Kverneland steels. Special steel heat treatments are carried out to the complete plough thus guaranteeing outstanding performance, longevity and low operating costs: Kverneland Profitable Ploughing concept.

The company carries on with its natural growth by adding new halls: 2600 m2 for steel hardening processes (2013) and a brand new R&D department of 2400 m2 (2016). Production tools and processes are constantly up graded to ensure efficiency. Every investment aims at keeping a strong market position worldwide.

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Phone: +47 51 42 9000

Facts About Kverneland Klepp:

Competence center for Plough equipment
Kverneland Group Headquarter
Location: Norway
Established in: 1879
Manufacturing surface: 51.000m²
Employees: 500

Product Range:

  • Ploughs mounted & Semi-mounted
  • Plough equipments
  • Cultivators parts
  • Spare parts

Kverneland Norway Competences Video 

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