Kverneland Group Mechatronics

Kverneland Group Mechatronics BV Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands

Kverneland Group Mechatronics develops and manufactures advanced control systems for agricultural equipment. Our terminals, Electronic Control Units and applications make machinery easier to connect, operate, control and monitor. This enables precision farming that contributes to lower costs, less use of raw materials, easier work and higher yields. Therefore it ensures a lower environmental impact and a higher profitability for farmers and contractors.

How it started
Already in the early 1980’s, Kverneland Group Mechatronics, then named Vicon, realised that automation would become an essential part of the future of agricultural machines. In 1983 an electronics department was introduced in the company, with the job to develop the next generation agricultural equipment. A few years later, we were the first to realise a baler and fertilizer spreader using a microcontroller. A wave of innovations and thousands of machines were the result of these first steps in agricultural electronics. By the year 2001 the developments were that successful that Kverneland Group decided to establish a new company, fully dedicated to the use of electronics in Agriculture. That year, Kverneland Group Mechatronics was born. Thirty years after the first electronically controlled machines, we offer a range of hundreds of products and grew from a small group of engineers to a business unit with over 80 employees.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Kverneland Group Mechatronics applied for a patent on an invention that made ISOBUS possible. ISOBUS was the first step towards an innovation debate in the agribusiness. The objective was to achieve compatibility and standardisation between tractors and implements. The uniform SOBUS language enables standardised communication between the different tractors and machinery. After releasing the patent in 2001, ISOBUS grew to become the international standard for data communication in agricultural equipment. Thanks to the ISOBUS technology, farmers can connect tractors, machines and terminals on a ‘plug & play’ base.

Development from scratch
At Kverneland Group Mechatronics, we develop all our products from scratch: from the first research up to full production, training and service. A new product always begins with a new idea, inspired by new  technology and demands in the field as picked up by our marketing and product management department.R&D, with over thirty employees the largest team in our business unit, then takes over with the development of software and hardware, product design and prototyping. Once the prototype is satisfactory, the innovation is passed on to production, where it is manufactured, from the production of the different parts to the cable assembly. After thorough quality control and testing, the new product is ready to be distributed to farmers and agricultural contractors. 


Phone: +31 252 66 2244

Facts About Kverneland Group Mechatronics

Technology center for electronic control systems and ISOBUS technology.
Established in: 2001 (separated from Kverneland Group Nieuw-Vennep BV)
factory surface: 2.500 m²
Employees: 81

Product Range:
More then 100 different products to control and operate agricultural implements such as:
Balers, Balewrappers, Rakes, Loading wagons, Ploughs, Sprayers, Spreaders, Seeders, Grape harvesters, Feeder wagons.

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