Kverneland Group Soest GmbH

Kverneland Group Soest GmbH

Kverneland Group Soest GmbH is the centre of excellence for seeding technology within the Kverneland Group. Around 300 employees, including 20 trainees, develop and produce precision seed drills, pneumatic and mechanical seed drills as well as seeding combinations and power harrows.

The first transplanters built in 1948 were the beginning of the successful history of the agricultural machinery industry at Soest. The development of the Accord Pneumatic system in 1966 and the extension of the product range by the precision drill technology in 1985 were some of the major steps in the early history of the Soester factory. In summer 2013 one of Europe's most modern electrophoretic coating facilities was opened. In 2015 to 2016 the assembly lines of production have been completely re-structured in order to increase productivity as well as quality and to integrate the Kubota brand. Kaizen principles have been the guideline for this new concept with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

With a second plant at Oestinghausen, Kverneland Group Soest GmbH proves its expertise by the production of plastic parts, not only for the factories of the Kverneland Group but also as supplier for other industries.

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Phone: +49 2921 9740

Facts about Kverneland Group Soest GmbH 

Centre of excellence for seeding technology

Location: Soest, Germany
No. of employees: appr. 300
Real estate: appr. 75.000 m², (halls: appr. 39.000 m²)
No. of suppliers: 48 "A" suppliers cover >80%
80 "B" cover 15%
in total 428 suppliers

Kverneland Group Soest GmbH Plant II, Oestinghausen

No. of employees: 14
Real estate: 10.000 m², (halls: 1.300 m²)

Product range

  • Pneumatic Seed Drills
  • OEM pneumatic seeding components
  • Mechanical Seed Drills
  • Seeding Combinations
  • Pneumatic Precision Drills
  • Mechanical Precision Drills
  • Power harrows

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