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As a modern farmer, it is important to always stay updated on the latest machine information to optimise the performance for a profitable outcome. A farmer today is often faced with the immediate need of Operator- and Spare Part manuals, Software updates, or other types of necessary information about his machine. This should be easily accessible and close at hand – right there in the field – to prevent unnecessary downtime.

QUEST service downloads is an online knowledge database, designed to answer the questions the farmer might have regarding his Kverneland or Vicon machine or his Smart/Precision Farming solutions.

QUEST is like a “search engine” to help the farmer find information about his Kverneland or Vicon machine. An online knowledge database that provides up-to-date documentation, software, FAQs and more. QUEST provides the necessary information a farmer needs about his machines and services – all in one place, and on the go.


QUEST service downloads are integrated and customised in MYKVERNELAND and MYVICON customer platforms. When registering a Kverneland or Vicon machine at MY.KVERNELAND.COM / MY.VICON.EU, the farmer can benefit from easy access to specified information, linked to his machine. In this way, only the relevant information of the registered machine(s) will appear in the system. A great tool to manage the farming business from one place. Personalised and tailored to the farmer, and his machine needs.

QUEST is also accessible from your preferred Kverneland Group, Kverneland or Vicon website. To get QUEST on the home screen of your mobile phone, please follow this step by step guide.

Smart, Easy and Efficient! A quick overview of what to find in QUEST;

Operation Manual (OPM)
The operation manual will be delivered with your machine but is also available online in QUEST. Find out how to set up, use and manage the machine in the operation manual.

Spare Parts Manual (SPM)
This manual gives an overview and important information about the machine parts. Detailed description, part number and drawings is just some of the information to be found in these manuals.

In the FAQs you find information on compatibility, electronics, hydraulic and mechanical related questions, as well as software downloads.

Spreading Charts
Gives you the checklist for setting up the spreader and adjusting the machine to the right settings for spreading, e.g. determine granular distribution, weight, type and shape, determining settings and application rate and much more.

Information in your language
When you have found the document you are searching for, there will also be a chance to select the document in your local language, if that is available.

Not able to find what you were looking for? Just drop an e-mail to and we will get back to you!

January 29, 2020

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