The Official 140th Anniversary Celebration

On the 12th of June around 400 employees located at Kverneland Group Klepp in Norway took a well-deserved break from their normal work schedule to celebrate themselves and the company’s 140th birthday.

A full marquise hosting approximately 400 Kverneland Group Klepp employees. In the front, the VIP guests from owner Kubota Corporation, Mayors of Klepp and Time Municipality and Kverneland Group Executive Board Members. Photo; Bård Berntsen

The history of Kverneland Group dates back to 1879 when the founder, Ole Gabriel Kverneland built his small forge in the village of Kvernaland, Norway – where he started the manufacturing of scythes and sickles. Read more about the history of Kverneland Group here.

During the opening of the celebration Ole Gabriel Kverneland “re-appeared” in his forge - with a special greeting, thanking the farming community; 

A festive day for all

During the celebration, 400 anniversary cupcakes, glasses of cider and coffee were served to employees, along with a nice anniversary gift at the end. A great time to reflect on the company history and milestones.

President and Representative Director of Kubota Corporation, Mr. Kimata, together with the rest of the Kubota Management Delegation was invited specially for the occasion, and came all the way to Norway to officially mark the anniversary. Special guests invited to the event were the Mayors of Time and Klepp municipality, Kverneland Group Executive Board of Directors, as well as local media.

«A fantastic place to work” says Bente Grøtteland Grødem from Central order desk and Bernt Vikeså, Product Manager. They both work for Kverneland Group After Sales in Klepp. They have worked in the company for 39 and 49 years. Bernt was 17 years when he started at Kverneland Group. Photo; Tommy Ellingsen, Stavanger Aftenblad

400 glasses of apple cider and anniversary cupcakes were served to the guests. All gone within an hour. Photo; Cecilie Våge & Tommy Ellingsen, Stavanger Aftenblad.

July 26, 2019

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