Supplier FAQ

Frequently asked questions 

How do I become a supplier to Kverneland Group?
First step is to fill the contact form on our website. This form will be reviewed by one of our Strategic Purchasers. Strategic Purchasers are responsible for review, selection and management of our Suppliers.

What is the best way for me to offer Kverneland a product or solution?
Start by filling the contact form on our website. While we do not have always a business opportunity, Kverneland continues to expand its database of suppliers interested in providing their products and services. We review your input to identify potential suppliers: it is important for you to describe your company and capabilities accurately in this process. 

Can I come and meet you?
The answer is: it depends. If there is a business need, we will contact you and discuss opportunities and next steps. We keep the forms filled on our website for future reference and business so we can keep track of who has been in contact with us and review opportunities. We use the information filled in to decide who we want to do business with, it is important you made an accurate submission to get the best opportunities.

I have filled the form on your website: Am I now a registered supplier of Kverneland?
No. Filling the form does not guarantee business or creates any obligation for Kverneland to get in touch with you. We thank you for your submission and your time. A Strategic Purchaser of Kverneland will review your form and information and decide if there is an opportunity to establish contact.

I have filled the form on your website: will someone now contact me?
It depends. If there is a business need, we will contact you. We keep the forms filled on our website for future reference and business opportunities so we can keep track of who has been in contact with us and keep track of the opportunities.

What languages are used by Kverneland for business?
Our Group language is English. We conduct business in English.
We have and use multiple other languages locally in the Group, but we cannot guarantee to have personnel available speaking your language.

I am a non-European company but wish to do business with Kverneland Group. What are my opportunities?
Where we have a business need that you can fulfill, we will contact you based on the information provided in the contact form.
There is also another opportunity.
Kverneland is part of Kubota Group. Our policy is to use the best suppliers in their field, and leverage them across entities and businesses. This offers larger opportunities of business for our suppliers. Because Kubota is a Global company, it operates in many countries and has sourcing entities in these countries. For example: Japan, India, or United States. We encourage you to contact the Kubota entities in these countries and engage in a successful business relationship with them: this can open up opportunities for you with Kverneland.

I am doing business with one of Kverneland Group entities and want to expand my business. What should I do?
You can fill the form if you want, but your current Kverneland Strategic Purchaser is your main entry point. They are responsible for their portfolio and manage opportunities between existing and prospective suppliers. Good performance on existing business is the key to growing your business with the Group.

I am already doing business with Kverneland or Kubota. Does this improve my opportunities?
Because we measure supplier performance in the same way across entities, a good performance in one area definitely improves your chances in another. We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and promote good suppliers across all group entities.

Who makes the decision to purchase my goods or services?
Kverneland Group's Strategic Purchasers have the authority to select the Suppliers and negotiate the contracts, prices and Terms & Conditions for the goods and services that will be used to cover Kverneland's needs.

How can I update contact form and information?
Kverneland existing Suppliers can contact their Kverneland Procurement contacts to make such updates. Prospective partners do not have this capability through our website.

What is your expediting process?
Kverneland expeditors will contact our company if you are late or missing quantities, or to replace defective quantities.

Do you only operate with Global Suppliers ?
Not only. Our purchasing strategies include Global, Country and local area suppliers. The best performers get access to increased opportunities locally and across the Group.

I am a local supplier. Can I do business with Kverneland Group?
Yes. We base our relationships on performance and how well you match our business needs now and in the future. There are opportunities at all levels. 

How do I receive a purchase order?
It depends. Email, fax, EDI or Supplier Portal are used in Kverneland Group. General trend is to increase all electronic communication.
Existing suppliers should contact their Strategic Purchasing contact.

Who do I call when I have a question?
Potential suppliers must fill the form on this website prior to any contact.