Meet the Kverneland Group Management

The Kverneland Management is responsible for running Kverneland Group on a day-to-day basis. The (executive) Board of Directors ensures alignment between operations and corporate functions and setting company policies of our divisions globally.

(Executive) Board of Directors

Group President & CEO  - Shingo Hanada
Arable Systems Division - Patrick Verheecke
Harvest Systems Division 1 - Claus Udengaard Thomsen
Marketing & Sales 2 - Arild Gjerde
Strategy & Planning  - Shin Toda

Group Functions

After Sales  - Magne Svendsen
Finance, Tax & Legal 3 - Tor Magne Brunes
Human Resources - Alex Sikkens
Information Technology - Bård Berntsen
Manufacturing - Junsei Komiyama 
Mechatronics - Sanne de Voogd
Operations Arable Division - Hasan Kesek
Procurement - Junsei Komiyama
Business Development - Jochen Samulowitz
Marketing & Communications - Marieke Maris
The above members and management below are part of the Kverneland Group Senior Management Forum (SMF).
Sales International 5  - Martin Nordhaus
Sales France    - Franck Adam
Sales Germany   - Niels Veltmann
Sales Scandinavia - Mats Tykesson
Sales United Kingdom - Joe Bell
Sales Benelux - Walter Ruiterkamp


1 Also responsible for Group Research & Development and the Kerteminde plant (Denmark)
Responsibility includes Group Marketing & CRM, and all Sales Companies including Kverneland Group International. In addition to those listed above in the SMF the Sales Companies in the following countries are direct reports: Ireland, Spain, and Italy.
Also Secretary of the (Executive) Board of Directors
Responsible for Soest plant (Germany)
Responsibility includes the Sales Companies: Kverneland Group International, Russia, Czech, Hungary, Poland, China, and Production Facilities in Daqing (China) and Lipetsk (Russia)