Willing to work with the Best Suppliers

Who are we?
Kverneland Group's Procurement organization is in charge of the Supplier evaluation and selection, sourcing decisions and management of Suppliers across all entities.

Kverneland Group looks for suppliers that:

- Are reliable and committed to high-quality supply relationships,
- Will provide unique solutions, services and raw materials to support our business and innovation,
- Will collaborate with Kverneland Group to improve our competitive advantage and product performance,
- Will join Kverneland Group in efforts to be the reference in our industry for environmental sustainability, highly responsible, ethical business practices and including sustainable labor practices.

Kverneland Group's expectations:
- Our suppliers must be firmly committed to continuous improvement.
- We provide fair competition and are open to all suppliers, regardless of nationality, size, or other business relations. Supplier's performance is evaluated using the same criteria in the Group.
- Mutual benefits are based on mutual trust. We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on openness and close communications.
- We expect the highest level of Standards on ethics and environmental sustainability from all our Suppliers.

1- Our Ethical Guidelines make sure that we follow consistently ethical considerations and integrate them consistently into how we conduct business. 
2- All employees responsible for our suppliers have the responsibility to inform them of our ethical standards.

1- In Kverneland Group there is no work to be carried out without serious consideration for safety and health.
2- Safety is our first priority!
- All people involved in Kverneland Group's business shall respect our Group safety rules and behave based on the philosophy "Safety is our first priority" to protect themselves and others from accidents.

1- When a Supplier enters in a relationship with a Kverneland Group entity, we expect this Supplier to abide by the environmental guidelines of this entity.
2- At all times, suppliers must commit to comply with all environmental laws, regulations, ordinances and agreements, and promote environmental conservation activities in order to reduce the environmental risk and burden caused by our business activities. Our Suppliers should contribute actively to the global environment conservation and through this effort, to the growth of our overall business.

1- Industry leading quality levels:
- Quality is essential to everything we use and Customer satisfaction. We expect and encourage our suppliers to reach better quality levels than our minimum standards.
2- Defect prevention:
- We trust our partners to provide us with defect-free products. We do not ordinarily inspect all the parts and materials that we purchase. Our Suppliers must have processes that enable swift movement of parts throughout the supply chain with limited defect detection steps.
3- Quality by design:
- Quality doesn't happen by itself. Quality is built into products and processes systematically. From the design phase to the sale to the final Customer. Products and processes need to be designed to increase usage yields and reduce defects to an absolute minimum.

Cost Performance:
1- Cost performance of components and parts:
- Reductions in total cost of ownership, integration of multiple part functions into assemblies and systems
- Improving the factory assembly processes
- Improving logistics of machines and/or parts
2- Low prices through low costs: low prices from suppliers must be the result of genuine cost competitiveness.
3- Kaizen and continuous improvement: in Cost Performance, our suppliers must commit to continuously improve their operations to reduce their costs and improve productivity. Reduced costs and better productivity are translated in further reduced prices and improved capacity.

Our factories and our Customers need the best On Time Delivery Performance to operate flawlessly.
1- Short Lead Times:
- Our Suppliers are a key element to our flexibility and our Customer response times. We ask our Suppliers to provide lead times equivalent to those offered to our Customers.
2- Reliable Deliveries:
- Suppliers must deliver on schedule and in the quantities required.
3- Flexibility in Production and Deliveries:
- Customers adjust their needs constantly. This is a normal business situation. We need suppliers who will follow us and adjust to our Customer response.


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