IsoMatch Wireless

Get your terminals and implements on-line

This IsoMatch Wireless (USB-stick) is complementary to the IsoMatch Tellus terminals and makes it easy to connect to a local wireless network, such as your phone’s hot spot or home network. For this reason, it is not necessary to get an additional SIM card and there are not new cost from an internet service provider. When connected via the IsoMatch Wireless you can browse the Internet, view the weather, check your email and last and not least, stay connected to use our new platform IsoMatch Farm Centre and track your machines from your computer at home.

Benefits of the IsoMatch Wireless

  • Internet connection to any available wireless network
  • No additional costs with an internet service provider
  • Browsing on the spot

IsoMatch Wireless is not available in all countries. Please, check this with your dealer.

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