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Testimonials of Our Employees

Contributing to the design, manufacturing, marketing and financing of Kverneland or Vicon equipment, Kverneland Ground employees are proud. Find out what it’s like to work for Kverneland Group, straight from the source.

Jasper Boomer

Software engineer: Kverneland Mechatronics

During my time as a student in Industrial Engineering in Groningen I was able to get some experience with multiple sub fields in engineering, which fit my broad interests. After university I did some work as a researcher in control theory, but there was still missing some practical aspect. As I always had done programming for work and hobby projects and had a passion for technology, I decided to pursue a career as an embedded software engineer. This is how I started at Kverneland Mechatronics in November 2015.

Right at the start I was made responsible for the software of a new ECU, which was a very educative experience and gave me a good introduction as well into the field of agricultural technology. Thankfully, the R&D department I am working in has people with diverse knowledge, from hardware to high-level software, and my colleagues are always open for questions.

Later I started working on application software for the tractor terminals, which still gives me new challenges with each project. I find that working at Kverneland Mechatronics that there are loads of opportunities for people who are willing to invest in themselves and a great group of people to work with creating our products.

Career path:

2015-present :    Software engineer: Kverneland Mechatronics


Marieke Maris

Group Marketing Manager / Areas Sales Director

Just after my studies in Marketing Communication and Agricultural Business Management, I started my employment with Kverneland Group. Coming from a family with a background in agribusiness and a high interest in marketing and communication, I had the opportunity to start within one of the largest sales companies of Kverneland Group. Here I was responsible for development and coordination of advertisements, events and campaigning in the Benelux market combined with order intake and order handling. After that I was promoted to Marketing Manager for the Benelux and in 2008 I moved to a central Group position, gradually to General Marketing Manager for the whole Kverneland Group. Since 2014 I combine that role with international sales & distribution management for partners in Finland, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand. A challenging but fruitful combination where on one hand I have a group role and at the same time I have my direct contact with customers to know what is going on in the markets.

Kverneland Group is not a company where you wait until somebody approaches you and takes you to the next level. It is a challenging international business environment that really offers opportunities for those who are eager to learn, develop and present ideas. Beyond the traditional career path. If you want to advance your career, you have to take initiative, make sound proposals and you will get the trust to execute your plans. That is a business environment that suits me well and has given me many opportunities.

Career path

2004-2006 Sales Order Desk / Marketing Assistant Benelux
2006-2008 Marketing Manager Benelux
2008-2011 Group Marketing Coordinator
2011-present Group Marketing Manager
2014-present  Area Sales Director


Maris Talv-Laugen

Finance Director, Kverneland Group Klepp, Norway

I started working in Kverneland Group just a few months after graduating from MSc in International Business from Aalborg University, Denmark. During my first week I met the Chairman of the Board who asked me if I came from a farm. I had to admit to him that I had grown up in the city center of the capital of Estonia, and I then wondered if I could have any future in Kverneland Group with such a background. But now, more than 10 years later, I am still here and I am proud about it.

I have held several roles in various countries within the Kverneland World. This is what is so great about Kverneland – if you perform and are willing to go for it, you get chances to develop yourself and grow with the tasks. People believe in you and support you along the way.

In autumn 2015 I started as Finance Director in the world’s biggest plough factory and I am motivated to fight for keeping the brand of Kverneland high and develop it further to always keep the competitors behind us.

For me Kverneland Group is an interesting place to work also because it is truly international, every day you can feel the cultural diversity, making the days more dynamic. Despite the geographical distances there is the Group feeling, which makes you feel that you are part of something big and you know that out there is a world full of good colleagues.

Career path

2005-2007  Assistant to Group Management; Kverneland ASA, Norway
2007-2010 Controller; Kverneland Group Modena, Italy
2010-2012 Business Controller Supply Chain & Strategy; Kverneland ASA, Norway
2012-2015 Director Finance, HR, IT; Kverneland Group Ravenna, Italy
2015-present Finance Director, Kverneland Group Klepp, Norway


Björn Dargel

Online Marketing, Kverneland Group Germany / Group Marketing Web Assistant

After 10 years of experience in a Full-Service agency I was headhunted to join-in Kverneland Group Germany in 2012. I started as an online-marketer to develop and support Kverneland Group dealers in questions of Websites, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, but also to publish news and maintain the German versions of the Kverneland Group, Kverneland and Vicon Websites.

I had no experience in agricultural business at all. But the concept of our marketing department in Germany is to hire experts in the section of marketing, graphics and Web-Design who work closely together with the product managers who are experts in the products. That’s efficient marketing!

Soon I started to extend my projects to E-Mail marketing, marketing automation, web solutions for dealer-partners, online sales campaigns and lead management.

In 2014 international Kverneland Group Marketing got aware of my work and talent and brought me in to their team 25% of my time as well. Here I assist the Group Marketings’ Web Team in various tasks and projects.

Working international first was a challenge for me, but now it’s something I absolutely enjoy.

What I really like about to work for Kverneland Group is to have the freedom to develop new ideas and projects. Good ideas and processes are always supported at Kverneland Group.

Career path

2012-2014 Online Marketing; Kverneland Group Germany
2014-present Online Marketing; Kverneland Group Germany
and 25% Group Marketing Web Assistant