Career Areas within Kverneland Group

We design, manufacture, test, service and market sophisticated technology systems and products through our business areas covering seeding equipment, forage and bale equipment, spreading, spraying and electronic solutions for agricultural tractors and machinery.

We are international market leaders in supporting and transforming the agricultural industry. Our long history and pioneering legacy directly results from the collaborative efforts of a culturally diverse group of people working across the globe. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a well-qualified graduate, we offer exceptional opportunities to build your career in the following (main) areas.

Product Management

Product management recognizes and develops new markets and products Kverneland Group can develop and knows how to translate these into suitable requirements.a strong bridge to our Research & Development department and being a bridge between the sales companies and our business areas. Support in developing the products in the market. Promotes our products at our sales companies, distributors, importers and farmers.

Product Specialists  are our subject matter experts. They assimilate knowledge regarding our product line's technical specifications and functions to support our customers.

Marketing & Sales

Key Account Management includes the sales of our equipment but also includes planning and managing the full relationship with our larger customers.

Business Development builds our market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships in our agricultural markets and takes us where we have not yet been.

Marketing Communications develop and deliver strategies for communicating about our products and solutions. Specialties include advertising, branding, events, internal communications, online leads, public relations and relationship marketing.

After Sales coordinates the activities within the services, support and spare parts sales and supply for our machinery in the market. Main activity is at the Central Distribution Centre in Metz, France and at the head-office in Norway.


Operations implement operational efficiency improvements, including standardization of systems, quality control, safety, site selection, facility design and customer satisfaction. 

Manufacturing transforms our raw materials, semi-finished goods, subassemblies with craftsmanship into our unique products. We both have parts production and assembly lines at our manufacturing facilities.

Supply Chain Management controls our flow of goods, services and information to achieve budget and schedule requirements.

Quality & Compliance professionals are responsible for quality assurance in manufacturing practices at our factories and companywide policies.

R&D Engineering

Research & Development takes place in dedicated and cross-functional teams, with agronomists, suppliers and technology partners.

Mechanical Engineering provides technical assistance, research, plan, design and develop and test systems, machines and controls in our business units.

Software Engineering provides technical assistance, research, plan, design and develop for ourcompetence center for electronic controls and systems for agricultural implements. 

Finance, ICT & HR

Finance specialists take responsibility for organizing our financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of accounts and financial information for managers. This can be on Kverneland Group level or in one of our manufacturing sites or sales organizations. 

ICT Professionals provide the ICT technology infrastructures for our organization, Business applications and applications development or business process re-engineering entailing the re-designing the way work is done so that our organization’s goal are met and optimized.

Human Resources works directly with line and management in office and factory locations. They develop and implement customized programs to optimize employees’ development, performance, diversity and retention.